LetVisit Fort Wayne Assist You

Do you want to stay involved with your bid? Statistics show that having a local involved in the selection process for a meeting more than doubles the successful rate of return.

Here are 6 steps in which Visit Fort Wayne can help you host your meeting in our city.

  • Meet Sales Team

    Even if it's just a possibility, we'd love to chat about it! Visit Fort Wayne's professional and experienced sales team has attracted meetings of all shapes and sizes to our city. Meet with our staff to discuss all the aspects of your meeting, including history, size, budget, etc. Our sales team will help you set up an action plan for bidding on and hosting your event.

  • Plan the Bid Process

    Should we bring in some other parties and introduce them to Fort Wayne? We'd love to help host them here and take them on a Site Tour of our City!

  • Select Meeting Venue and Hotels

    When selecting the facilities to host your meeting, there is a lot to consider: What's my budget? How many people are attending? Is the venue close to hotels? Visit Fort Wayne will provide detailed information and offer recommendations for a venue that fits your meeting's needs. We can also help solicit quotes and help you take into consideration budget, attendance, location and several other factors.

  • Make Bid Presentation

    Need help presenting a meeting bid? Visit Fort Wayne's experienced staff has all the necessary tools, strategies and resources - including bid books, videos, and photos to present in front of the meeting's decision makers.

  • Plan Off-Site Activities

    Visit Fort Wayne's Information Services Department can help coordinate off-site events for your meeting. We can organize group tours to attractions, dinner receptions, VIP gatherings, golf outings, and so much more.

  • Promote Your Event

    The Public Relations Department will work to build excitement for your event! Our experts can increase your meeting's attendance and awareness through our promotional programs, including customized e-newsletters, media contacts, website hosting, and other strategic marketing tools.

  • Contact our Sales Team